UP Board Class 9 Books for All Subjects

UP Board Class 9 Books are a very important tool in the process of teaching as well as learning. A textbook is carefully developed by a team of experts who research and club together all the necessary information required from all important sources. The structure of a textbook is a physical manifestation of the education system and the structure of knowledge itself – it has a start and an end and is arranged by key themes.

Download UP Board Class 9 Books PDF for All Subjects

UP board has implemented the NCERT Books in the course curriculum. Students, Teachers & parents can download the 9th Standard books for UP Board from the links provided in the table.

Reading through UP Board Class 9 Books gives us a better understanding of the topics, which also helps in clearing our doubts. Books are considered as human’s best friend. When it comes to education field irrespective of the field books also play an important role. Reading a book not only makes you a good student, but also a good human being. While studying the school syllabus, it is always helpful to compare the topics with real time solution. It really helps you a lot in higher studies.

UP Board Class 9 Maths Book Chapterwise PDF in Hindi and English

UP Board Class 9 Science Book Chapterwise PDF in Hindi and English

Class 9 Science Chapters in English Class 9 Science Chapters in Hindi
Chapter 1. Matter in Our Surroundings अध्याय 1: हमारे आस – पास के पदार्थ
Chapter 2. Is Matter Around Us Pure अध्याय 2: क्या हमारे आस – पास के पदार्थ शुद्ध हैं
Chapter 3. Atoms and Molecules अध्याय 3: परमाणु एवं अणु
Chapter 4. Structure of the Atom अध्याय 4: परमाणु की संरचना
Chapter 5. The Fundamental Unit of Life अध्याय 5: जीवन की मौलिक इकाई
Chapter 6. Tissues अध्याय 6: ऊतक
Chapter 7. Diversity in Living Organisms अध्याय 7: जीवों में विविधता
Chapter 8. Motion अध्याय 8: गति
Chapter 9. Force and Laws of Motion अध्याय 9: बल तथा गति के नियम
Chapter 10. Gravitation अध्याय 10: गुरुत्वाकर्षण
Chapter 11. Work and Energy अध्याय 11: कार्य तथा ऊर्जा
Chapter 12. Sound अध्याय 12: ध्वनि
Chapter 13. Why Do We Fall ill अध्याय 13: हम बीमार क्यों होते हैं
Chapter 14. Natural Resources अध्याय 14: प्राकृतिक संपदा
Chapter 15. Improvement in Food Resources अध्याय 15: खाद्य संसाधनों में सुधार

UP Board Class 9 Social Science Book Chapterwise PDF in Hindi and English

Contemporary India – 1 (Geography) समकालीन भारत – 1 (भूगोल)
Chapter 1: India – Size and Location अध्याय 1: भारत – आकार और स्थिति
Chapter 2: Physical Features of India अध्याय 2: भारत का भौतिक स्वरुप
Chapter 3: Drainage अध्याय 3: अपवाह
Chapter 4: Climate अध्याय 4: जलवायु
Chapter 5: Natural Vegetation and Wild Life अध्याय 5: प्राकृतिक वनस्पति तथा वन्य प्राणी
Chapter 6: Population अध्याय 6: जनसंख्या
Democratic Politics – I (Political Science) लोकतांत्रिक राजनीति (राजनीति विज्ञान)
Chapter 1: What is Democracy?  why Democracy? अध्याय 1: लोकतंत्र क्या? लोकतंत्र क्यों?
Chapter 2: constitutional design अध्याय 2: संविधान निर्माण
Chapter 3: electoral politics अध्याय 3: चुनावी राजनीति
Chapter 4: working of institutions अध्याय 4: संस्थाओं का कामकाज
Chapter 5: Democratic rights अध्याय 5: लोकतांत्रिक अधिकार
Economics अर्थशास्त्र
Chapter 1: The Story of Village Palampur अध्याय 1: पालमपुर गाँव की कहानी
Chapter 2: People as Resource अध्याय 2: संसाधन के रूप में लोग
Chapter 3: Poverty as a Challenge अध्याय 3: निर्धनता: एक चुनौती
Chapter 4: Food Security in India अध्याय 4: भारत में खाद्य सुरक्षा

UP Board Class 9 English Chapterwise PDF

Textbooks are vital for both teachers and all the students. Each class has prescribed textbooks on each subject that are taught to the students during that academic year. Textbooks keep updating over the years with the most relevant information. Well, if you want to score good marks in Class 9 then you need to make the Maths & Science textbook of UP Board your best friend. Go through each and every chapter of the Class 9 Maths & Science textbook and pass the exam with flying colours.

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