WBBSE Class 7 Books-Maths, Science, Social Science & Other Subjects

Textbooks had a huge impact on education. They not only reflected exam board syllabuses, but they also influenced them. The best textbooks were the curriculum. They determined the level to which the better students worked. Textbooks are collections of study and reading material related to a specific discipline or course. There is more to a textbook than its content. Textbooks provide organized units of work. A textbook gives you all the plans and lessons you need to cover a topic in some detail. Here, in this article find the links to access the PDF versions of the WBBSE Class 7 textbooks.

The textbooks of Class 7 is published by the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (WBBSE). The textbooks are carefully developed by a team of independent experts who research and club together all the necessary information required from all important sources. Good textbooks are excellent teaching aids. They’re a resource for both teachers and students.

WBBSE Class 7 Textbook PDFs

Students can find the links to download the Class 7 textbooks of all subjects in Bengali from the table below:

Meanwhile, find here the list of textbook names for WBBSE Class 7:

  1. Blossoms
  2. আমাদের পৃথিবী | Amader Prithibi
  3. ভাষাচর্চা | Bhasa Chorcha
  4. গণিতপ্রভা | Ganit Probha
  5. মাকু | Maku
  6. পরিবেশ ও বিজ্ঞান | Poribesh O Bigyan
  7. সাহিত্যমেলা | Sahitya Mela
  8. অতীত ও ঐতিহ্য | Otit O Oitijhyo

Textbooks provide structure for student’s learning with each chapter having a logical flow, building on the knowledge acquired by the previous chapter. In each chapter, the material is usually presented in a similar design, which helps the student to know exactly how to each topic as it is presented. Textbook enables students to learn, better, faster, clearer and easier.


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