WBBSE Class 9 Science Syllabus

The Class 9 Science of West Bengal Board syllabus prescribed by WBBSE, is structured in a way to link the concepts taught in class to the life outside class. The syllabus promotes creativity and innovativeness allowing students to make judgments and solve problems faced in day to day life. Having said this, here we have provided the WBBSE Class 9 science syllabus to help study the concepts systematically. The detailed WBBSE class 9 Science syllabus PDF provided below consists of information like the question pattern and the allotment of marks for each of the questions asked in each chapter. Avail the syllabus provided here to score great marks in the exam this time.




Chapter 1 Matter: Structure and Properties

Chapter 2 Measurement

Chapter 3 Force and Motion

Chapter 4 Work, Force, Energy

Chapter 5 Sound

Chapter 6 Heat


Chapter 7 Atomic Structure

Chapter 8 Mole Concept

Chapter 9 Solution

Chapter 10 Acid, Bases and Salts

Chapter 11 Separation of Components of Mixture

Chapter 12 Water

Download the detailed syllabus of WBSSE Class 9 Science from the below link to know the question pattern and the allotment of marks in each chapter.

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Benzamide on reaction with POCl3 gives 
(IIT-JEE, 2004)