Fraction Word Problems

Fraction is an essential topic that most elementary schools include in their maths curriculum. Once the kids develop a basic understanding of fractions, they are taught the different major operations of fractions. These sub-topics of fractions help the students to solve fraction word problems quickly. The fraction word problems are included in the syllabus so that students learn about the real-life implications of fractions. Several fraction word problems worksheets are available at BYJU’S website that students can easily access and download for their practice.

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Requirements for Fraction Word Problems

As a student, one might think about what they need to do in order to solve word problems easily. Before skipping to word problems, it is important for students to have a clear understanding of the major operations like addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. Once they know how to solve these, they can solve the word problems too. It is also important for them to know about mixed fractions and how they are solved. When they are able to do these various operations, they can start with fraction word problems. There are plenty of mixed fractions word problems worksheets that students can easily download from our BYJU’S website. These worksheets will help the children to develop their understanding of fractions word problems.

Importance of Fractions Word Problems

Most children find fraction word problems a bit difficult in any chapter and tend to avoid them. But it is important for every child to have a basic understanding of word problems. So here are a few reasons why one should practise word problems.

  • Way to assess – Students might have noticed that word problems are generally at the end of each chapter. The primary reason for putting word problems at the end of the chapter is to check what the students have learned and understood about the concerned chapter. Word problems are a way to assess a child’s understanding of a particular chapter.
  • Real-life implications – Another reason why fraction word problems are included is that it helps students to understand real-life situations. The fraction word problems are generally based on real-life situations, thus making them think about how to solve them.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Fraction Word Problems


Where can I find fractions word problems for kids?

If you are looking for fraction word problems for your child, then BYJU’S is the right stop for you. At BYJU’S, you can find several adding and subtracting fractions word problems worksheets PDF, which you can easily download and give your child for practice.


From which class fraction word problems can be taught?

Generally, fraction word problems are introduced to children when they are in Class 5 or 6. But it will be beneficial if you introduce your child to these concepts at an early age as it will help them develop a basic understanding of these concepts.

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