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Nouns are an important and fundamental chapter of English grammar. It is very important that children are taught this chapter at a young age. If the children have a clear understanding of the nouns only then, they can identify them and their different types. To make sure that kids identify the right noun and its types, it is important that they know what nouns are and what are the different types of nouns. BYJU’S offers multiple identifying nouns worksheets that children can practise and strengthen their concepts.

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Noun and Its Types

It is important to know what nouns mean and what are the different types of nouns to identify them. In simpler terms, nouns mean names of persons, animals/birds, places and things, i.e. nouns are naming words. For example, “The garden has beautiful flowers”. Here the garden is the name of a place, and flower is the name of a thing. Once the children know about nouns, the parents/teachers can explain to them the different types of nouns and give them identifying nouns worksheet pdf to solve. Nouns can be divided into seven categories, namely:

  • Common Nouns – Common nouns refer to the names of persons, animals/birds, places and things in general, i.e. there’s no specific name given. For example, “The boy is playing with his dog”. The boy and dog are examples of common nouns.
  • Proper Nouns – Proper nouns refer to the specific names given to persons, animals/birds, places and things. For example, “The Royal Bengal Tiger is in the forest.” Here, the Royal Bengal Tiger is the proper noun as it refers to a specific kind of tiger.
  • Collective Nouns – Collective nouns refer to those nouns where a number or group of persons, places, animals/birds or things are referred to as one unit. For example, “The pack of wolves attacked the sheep”. Here, pack is the collective noun.
  • Concrete/Material Nouns – Concrete or Material Nouns are those types of nouns that refer to persons or things that have physical existence/structure and are perceived by all the five senses. For example, “The dog was barking”. Here, the dog is a concrete noun as it has a physical presence.
  • Abstract Nouns – Abstract nouns are those types of nouns that don’t have any definite, structure or physical presence. They generally refer to emotions, ideas, feelings, concepts etc. For example, “Kindness is a great quality”. Here, kindness is an example of an abstract noun.
  • Countable Nouns – Nouns can be broadly classified into two types based on their countability, i.e. countable and uncountable nouns. Countable nouns are those that can be easily counted; it includes nouns in their plural and singular forms. For example, “There are enough trees in the orchard”. Here, one can easily count the number of trees, so it falls under the category of countable nouns.
  • Uncountable Nouns – Uncountable nouns means nouns that can not be counted but, in most cases, measured as per their quantity. For example, “There is enough water in the well”. Here, water is an uncountable noun.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Identifying Nouns Worksheet


What are identifying nouns worksheets?

In these worksheets, children have to identify the nouns or the different types of nouns from the given sentences or paragraphs.


Where to find these worksheets?

BYJU’S provides ample identifying nouns worksheets that are easily accessible and downloadable, which children can practise.


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