Importance of Commerce

The Commerce stream after completing Class 10 is quite a favourite option across India, as most of the students perceive that this stream provides an extensive platform of career opportunities to pursue after completing Class 12, which would earn them both success as well as financial security. However, what most students do not understand is that just as is the case with the science stream, a student also requires to possess a specific ability for Commerce to be quite triumphant in it.

Some students may pick the Commerce stream for this purpose. To help students assess whether they are intended to pursue a career in the field of Commerce, its significance, extent, and professions. This segment gives fundamental knowledge of what this stream is all about.

What is Commerce?

Commerce as a medium of instruction can be interpreted as a study of business and marketing activities such as the exchange of commodities and services from the manufacturer to the final customer. The principal subjects that are taught in the Commerce stream for CBSE Class 11 and 12 comprise of – Accountancy, Business Studies and Economics. Students can choose this field if they have a real interest in these subjects and have an association for the economy, business, and numbers.

Top 5 Importance of Commerce Stream

  1. Commerce tries to satisfy increasing human wants
  2. Commerce links Manufacturers and customers
  3. Commerce increases wealth and national income
  4. Commerce encourages international trade
  5. Commerce helps during emergencies

Commerce and its education have become the backbone of every nation. The level of growth and the standard of living of the citizens are associated with the state of commerce in every distinct country. No nation can grow without the growth of commerce. The demands of the people are not confined to the goods manufactured in their countries only. They demand goods produced in other nations also.

These significant points manifest and urge the students to take up commerce stream. Stay tuned to BYJU’S to learn the concepts associated with Commerce – NCERT chapter-wise solutions for Commerce for Class 11 and 12, sample papers, etc.


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