Important Questions for Chapter 6 Measures of Dispersion

Important Questions with Answers for CBSE Class 11 Statistics Chapter 6 Measures of Dispersion which is drafted by expert commerce teachers from the latest version of CBSE (NCERT) books.

CBSE Class 11 Statistics Chapter – 6 Important Questions

Question 1

Define dispersion.

Answer: Dispersion is the measure of the extent to which different items tend to dispense away from the central tendency.

Question 2

What is the coefficient of dispersion?

Answer: The coefficient of dispersion shows different data percentage or relative value. The coefficient of dispersion is known as a relative measure of dispersion.

Question 3

Define range.

Answer: Range is the variance between the lowest and highest value in a series. Therefore, Range = Highest value in the series – Lowest value in the series.

Question 4

Explain the interquartile range.

Answer: In a series, the difference between the first Quartile (Q1) and third Quartile (Q3) is known as the interquartile range.

Question 5

What is the quartile deviation?

Answer: Half of the interquartile range is Quartile deviation. It can also be mentioned as semi-inter quartile range.

Question 6

What is the coefficient of quartile deviation formula?

Answer:  For calculating the coefficient of quartile deviation, the formula applied is.

Q3−Q1/ Q3+Q1

Question 7

Define mean deviation.

Answer: A mathematics average of the deviations of all the principles taken from some average value (mean, median, mode) of the series, ignoring signs (+ or -) of the deviation is mean deviation.

Question 8

What is standard deviation?

Answer: The square root of the arithmetic mean of the squared deviations of the items from their mean value.

Question 9

What is a Lorenz curve?

Answer: Lorenz curve is a curve that shows the actual distribution deviation (of income or wealth) from the line exhibiting equal distribution.

Question 10

Define variance.

Answer: Variance is another measure of dispersion. Variance is the square of the standard deviation.

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