MCQs on PERT and CPM

Programs or Project Management and Review Technique (PERT) is apt for those projects where the time required to accomplish different activities are not known. CPM or Critical Path Method is appropriate for the projects which are reappearing (recurring) in nature.

To achieve the end goal of a project on time, PERT and CPM are two project management techniques that every manager should implement

Given below are essential MCQs on the PERT and CPM to analyze your understanding of the topic. The answers are also given for your reference.


Question 1

PERT analysis is based on

A. optimistic time

B. pessimistic time

C. most likely time

D. all the above.

Answer: D

Question 2

Which of the option is not a notable challenge while scheduling a project?

A) Deadlines exist.

B) Independent activities.

C) Too many workers may be required.

D) Costly delay

Answer: B

Question 3

The particular task performance in CPM is known

A. Dummy

B. Event

C. Activity

D. Contract.

Answer: C

Question 4

The earliest start time rule

A) Compares the activities starting time for an activity successor.

B) Compares the activities end time for an activity predecessor.

C) Directs when a project can start.

D) Regulates when a project must begin.

Answer: B

Question 5

The critical path

A) Is a path that operates from the starting node to the end node

B) Is a mixture of all paths.

C) Is the longest path

D) Is the shortest path

Answer: C

Question 6

Completion of a CPM network diagram activity is commonly known

A. Connector

B. Event

C. Node

D. All the above.

Answer: D

Question 7

Activities A, B, and C are the immediate predecessors for Y activity. If the earliest finish times for the three activities are 12, 15, and 10, then the earliest start time for Y will be

A) 10

B) 15

C) 12

D) Cannot be determined

Answer: B

Question 8

Activities P, Q and R instantly follow activity M, and their current start times are 12, 19, and 10. Therefore, the latest finish time for activity M is

A) 11

B) 10

C) 18

D) Cannot be determined

Answer: A

Question 9

PERT analysis is based on

A. Optimistic time

B. Pessimistic time

C. Most likely time

D. All the above.

Answer: D

Question 10

While scheduling a project by C.P.M.

A. A project is divided into various activities

B. Required time for each activity is established

C. A sequence of various activities is made according to their importance

D. All the above.

Answer: D

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