Cotangent Formula

If the length of the adjacent gets divided by the length of the opposite side, it becomes the Cotangent of an angle in a right triangle.

We write it as ‘Cot’

Cot Formula

Cot X = \(\frac{Adjacent Side}{Opposite Side}\)

Out of the six trigonometric functions, Secant, cotangent, and cosecant are barely used.

What is Cot x formula?

Cotangent is the reciprocal of tan, Cot x = \(\frac{1}{Tanx}\) = \(\frac{Cos x}{Sin x}\)

Cotangent theta Formula Questions

Example 1: Find Cot X if tan x = 5/6

Solution: As cot X = 1/ tanX


= 6/5

So, Cot X = 6/5

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