CPM Full Form

What is the full form of CPM?

The full form of CPM is the Cost per Mile. The word ‘Mille’ in Latin implies one thousand. Thus, CPM is also called cost per thousand. CPM is a marketing word used to refer to the cost on one webpage of 1,000 commercial expressions. For instance, if RS. 150 CPM is paid by a website producer, it implies an individual should pay 150/- for every thousand impressions of the advertisement.

Cost per Mile (CPM) = Cost/ Thousand impressions

  • CPM is a frequently used web ad pricing strategy.
  • A CPM campaign’s effectiveness is determined by its CTR (click-through rate), representing the percentage of individuals who have seen and opened your advertisement.
  • An advertisement with two clicks for every 100 impressions, for instance, has a 2% CTR.
  • The effectiveness of advertising, nevertheless, cannot be calculated strictly by CTR as just an ad that is not clicked but watched by a client could have an influence.


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