Hypophosphoric Acid Formula

Hypophosphoric acid is a mineral acid with phosphorous in an oxidation state of +4. It has a chemical formula H4O2P6. In the solid-state, it exists as a dihydrate, H4O2P6.2H20. It can be manufactured by reacting red phosphorous with sodium chlorite at room temperature. In this short piece of article, let us discuss the hypophosphoric acid formula along with its chemical structure, properties and uses.

Hypophosphoric Acid Properties

Properties of Hypophosphoric Acid
Name Hypophosphoric Acid
Other Names Diphosphoric Acid
Appearance White Solid
Chemical Formula H4O2P6
Melting Point 54 °C
Molar Mass 161.98 g/mol
Solubility in Water Soluble

Hypophosphoric Acid Structure

Hypophosphoric Acid Formula

Hypophosphoric Acid Uses

  • Used as a bleaching agent
  • Used as a reducing agent
  • Used as a wetting agent
  • Used as a stimulant in pharmaceutical agents

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