Iron III Hydroxide Formula

Iron (III) hydroxide is a chemical compound made of Iron, hydrogen and oxygen with a chemical formula Fe(OH)3. Depending on the hydration, crystal structure and particle shape and size, the colour of iron III hydroxide varies from dark-brown to black. In this short piece of article, you will learn more about the Iron III hydroxide formula, its properties, chemical structure and uses.

Iron III Hydroxide Properties

Properties of Iron III Hydroxide


Iron III Hydroxide

Also known as

Ferric acid


Vivid dark orange crystals

Chemical Formula


Melting Point

135 °C


4.25 g/cm³

Molar Mass

106.867 g/mol

Solubility in Water


Iron III Hydroxide Chemical Structure

Iron III Hydroxide Formula

Iron III Hydroxide Uses

  • Yellow iron oxide is used in a few cosmetics, tattoo ink
  • Used in aquarium water treatment as a phosphate binder
  • Used as possible adsorbents for lead removal from aquatic media

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