Percent Decrease Formula

Percentage decrease formula is the measure to identify how much a variable has lost its value. The variable can either be population, cost, profit, etc. Here, the formula for percentage decrease is given along with solved examples for better understanding of the concept.

Formula for Percent Decrease

Percentage decrease formula can be obtained by simply dividing the decreased value by the original value and multiplying that with 100.

∴ Percent Decrease = (Decreased Value / Original Value) × 100


  • Decreased Value = Original Value – New Value

This formula for percentage decrease can help to solve several questions. Some important questions involving this formula are given below.

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Example Question Using Percent Decrease Formula

Example 1:

A shopkeeper used to sell a pair of pens for Rs. 25. He then reduced the price of the same pair of pens to Rs. 21. Calculate the percentage decrease in cost.


In this question, the decrease amount is = Rs. (25-21) = Rs. 4

Now, the decrease in percentage = (4/ 25) × 100 = 16%.

Example 2:

A fruit seller used to sell bananas for Rs. 40 per dozen. Now he reduced the cost of a dozen bananas by 10%. What is the price of a dozen bananas now?


Let the new value for a dozen bananas be Rs. x.

Now, decrease value = Rs. (40 – x)

According to percent decrease formula,

% D = (Decrease/ Old value) × 100

It is given that %D = 10.

So, putting the values in the equation, the following is obtained.

10/100 = (40 – x)/40

=> 40 – x = 4

=> x = 36

So, the new price of a dozen of bananas is Rs. 36.

Example 3:

A membership card of a club was reduced by 20% and costs Rs. 550 now. What was the original price of the membership card before its cost reduced?


Let the original cost be Rs. x

As the new cost is Rs. 550,

Decrease = Rs. (x – 550)

%D = decrease/original × 100

∴ (x – 550)/x = 20/100

So, 5x – 2750 = x

=> x = 687.5

Hence, the original price was Rs. 687.5

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