Perchloric Acid Formula

Perchloric acid is a mineral acid that is usually found as an aqueous solution. It is colourless and is stronger than sulfuric and nitric acid. The perchloric acid formula is HClO4. Perchloric acid is produced industrially by two methods as follows:

  • The first method includes the treatment of sodium perchlorate with solutions like hydrochloric acid which gives perchloric acid precipitating solid sodium chloride.

\(\begin{array}{l}NaClO_{4}+HCl\rightarrow NaCl+HClO_{4}\end{array} \)

  • The second method involves anodic oxidation of aqueous chlorine at a platinum electrode.

In this article, we will be discussing the properties of perchloric acid and its uses along with its structural formula.

Perchloric Acid Properties

Perchloric Acid Properties
Name Perchloric Acid
Appearance Colourless Liquid
Chemical Formula HClO4
Melting Point -112 °C
Boiling Point 203 °C
Molar Mass 100.46 g/mol
Solubility in water Miscible

Perchloric Acid Structure

Perchloric Acid Structure

Perchloric Acid Uses

  • Used in the production of electrical appliances, optical equipment and chemical products.
  • Used in the production of sodium perchlorate which is a basic ingredient in explosives and fuels for rocket and missiles.
  • Used in metal refinement, bleaching, etching, fertilizer and rust removal.

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