Mathematics Syllabus for 10th Class by Punjab Board | 2018-19

Mathematics is an incredible subject. Its importance can’t be justified in mere words. It is very difficult to scale up its importance in day to day life. We unknowingly have been using different concepts every now and then. The laws and theorems are administering us everyday, having a good understanding of it helps us resolve myriad of solutions without essentially seeking any help. It is our answer to many of our ‘how many’ or ‘how big’ type of questions. Right from a grain of sand up until space and our space explorations, mathematics is everywhere. This is the reason why mathematics is made a core subject and it has been obligated on us to study mathematics right from lower classes.

As quoted by William Paul Thurston “ Mathematics is not about numbers, computations, equations, algorithms and calculations: it is about understanding.” It is a science concerned with numbers and its operations. The only way you deal with it is by practicing and not otherwise.

Few of the benefits of learning mathematics :

  • Solving day to day problems in various fields
  • Mathematics helps come up with solutions to our interpretations and thoughts
  • Helps improve our critical thinking ability and analysis skills
  • Mathematics teaches us how to look longer and harder for solutions
  • If interested in pursuing a career in STEM ( Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics), which has great scope, having knowledge of mathematics becomes a necessity.

Syllabus plays a crucial role in getting those good marks in mathematics. Mathematics as a subject requires to be guided by a copy of the syllabus. Getting a 100 marks or even a fairly good score is definitely achieved by following the curriculum. It gives a clear understanding of expectations from a chapter. It lists out learning outcomes of a unit which is very essential in understanding the aim of the chapter. To get a fruitful result in mathematics especially, analyzing contents of scheme is vital.

Following is the syllabus for mathematics for class 10 given by the Punjab Secondary Education Board(PSEB)

Punjab Board 10th Class Mathematics Syllabus

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