Punjab Board Class 12 Chemistry Previous Year Papers

Class 12 Board exams are nearing and are you worried about how you would do in the exams? Don’t you think it would be great if you already knew the kind of questions to expect in the boards and had an idea about the exam pattern? Well, the Punjab Board Class 12 Chemistry Previous Year Papers helps you to get acquainted with the often repeated questions and the format of the question paper.

From the previous year papers given you will get an idea about the question pattern. Punjab Board Class 12 question papers for chemistry contains 26 questions. Of this Question numbers 19, 23, 24, 25 and 26 have internal choice questions. All the 26 questions are compulsory and have to be attempted if you wish to score high in the board exams.

Hence, to build your confidence about facing Punjab Board Class 12 Board exams and to help you get more acquainted with answering the questions on time and accurately, we provided here the clickable PDF links of previous year question papers of Class 12 chemistry. You can now start accessing the question papers and solving them to get practice.

Download Punjab Board Class 12 Chemistry Previous Year Papers

Students can still use these old previous year question papers to get an idea about major portions covered in this academic year. To get an idea about the actual marks’ distribution, the types of questions and the portions covered, students can take a look at this new structure link given below:

After solving the previous year question papers, you will be able to determine which section of the question paper, you take more time to solve. This will help you to understand if you need to pay more attention to any section.

To help you in your exam preparations, we also provide you with more guidance in the form of other resources such as PSEB Textbooks, Syllabus and more.

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