Silicic Acid Formula

The silicic acid formula, also named as Orthosilicic acid formula or Monosilicic acid formula is discussed in this article. It is a silicon oxoacid and a conjugate acid of a trihydrogensilicate. The molecular or chemical formula of Silicic acid is H4O4Si.

Orthosilicic acid is a compound of oxygen, hydrogen, and silicon. It is found in borage. It can be obtained as an unstable solution in water.

Silicic acid Formula Structure

Silicic acid Formula

Properties Of Silicic acid Formula

Chemical formula  H4O4Si
Molecular weight  96.113 g/mol
Covalent bond 1
Conjugate base Orthosilicate
Complexity 19.1

Various esters of silicic acid which are made of silicon tetrachloride and alcohols are thermally stable liquids. A general name for a family of chemical compounds of the element silicon, oxygen, and hydrogen is Silicic acid.

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