Sine Half Angle Formula

In some special cases where we add or subtract formulas for sine and cos, we get what is called as double-angle identities and half- angle identities. These half angle formulas let the trigonometric functions expressions of angles equate to x/2 in terms of x which can be later to functions and it would be easier to perform the complex calculations.

Sin x/2 = ±√(1-cosx)/2

Practice questions on Sin x/2 Formula

Question: Find the value of sin 105 degrees using Sin half-angle formulas


Sin 105 degree = sin 210 degree/2

Sin 105 degree = √(1 – cos 2100 )/ 2

= √(1 – (- cos 300)) / 2

= √(1 – (-√3/2)) / 2

= √(2 + √3) / 4

= √ (2 + √3) / 2

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Which of the following is true?

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