Sodium Thiosulfate Formula

Sodium Thiosulfate is an inorganic compound that has a chemical formula Na2S2O3. It consists of two sodium (Na+) cations and a positively charged thiosulfate ion (S2O3). Sodium thiosulfate can be prepared by heating sulfur with sodium sulfite solution.

\(6NaOH+4S\rightarrow Na_2S_2O_3+2Na_2S+3H_2O\)

In this short piece of article, we will be looking more into the sodium thiosulfate formula, its chemical structure along with its properties and uses.

Sodium Thiosulfate Properties

Properties of Sodium Thiosulfate


Sodium Thiosulfate

Also Known as

Thiosulfuric acid, Sodium Hyposulfite


White crystals

Molecular Formula


Melting Point

48.3 °C

Boiling Point

100 °C


1.67 g/cm³

Molar Mass

158.11 g/mol

Solubility in Water


Sodium Thiosulfate Chemical Structure

Sodium Thiosulfate Formula

Sodium Thiosulfate Uses

  • Used in several pharmaceutical products
  • Used in gold extraction
  • Its application also lies in leather tanning, photographic processing and water treatment

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