Surface Area of Hemisphere formula

A circular shaped ball with a diameter or radius is called a sphere.A diameter which is a straight line through the center of a sphere and with the end points on the boundary is called its diameter.

The section of the sphere by the plane is called a hemisphere. Let’s see how to find the area of Hemisphere.

Formula of Surface area of Hemisphere.

Total Surface area of Sphere (TSA) = 4πr2

Curved Surface area of Hemisphere(CSA) = 2πr2

Total Surface area (TSA) = 3πr2

Surface area of Hemisphere Formula Examples

Question: The radius of a red balloon increases from 6cm to 12 cm when the air is pumped into it. Calculate the ratios of the surface areas of the balloon in both the cases.

Solution: Hemisphere 1 – r = 6cm

Hemisphere 2 – r = 12 cm

TSA – 1 = 3πr2

= 3π(6)2

TSA – 2 =3π(12)2

Let’s find the ratio: TSA1 /TSA2, = ½

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