WBSSE Class 4 Syllabus

In this article, we have compiled the WBSSE Class 4 Syllabus of all the subjects being taught in class. The entire syllabus except for the languages are in Bengali and give the students an overview of the course and the expectations for the academic year. The syllabus comes in handy to prepare for the classes as well as for the exams ahead. Checking the syllabus beforehand will give an idea about how to prepare for the upcoming class.

In order to understand the basic concepts of the West Bengal Board Class 5 Syllabus, students can download it from the link given in this article.

Download WBSSE Class 4 Syllabus- All Subjects (Bengali Medium)

Meanwhile, below we have also listed the subjects that are covered in WBBSE Class 5:

  1. English
  2. Bengali
  3. Physical Education
  4. Environmental Science
  5. Mathematics

In order to score good marks, students are requested to learn the subjects based on the weightage mentioned in the latest curriculum. Students can also get the class wise West Bengal Board Syllabus from here.

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