Carbon Disulfide Formula

Carbon Disulfide Chemical Formula

Carbon disulfide is a highly toxic and flammable dangerous chemical compound released during the volcanic eruptions and marshes.

When coke reacts with sulfur at high temperatures carbon disulfide is obtained.

C + 2S → CS2

Chemical formula CS2 or CS2
Molecular weight 76.131 g/mol
Density 1.539 g/cm3 (−186°C)
Chemical names Carbon bisulfide, Dithiocarbonic anhydride
Boiling point 46.24 °C
Melting point −111.61 °C

Carbon Disulfide Structural Formula

Carbon disulfide is linear in molecular shape compound used as an industrial and chemical non-polar solvent and is also used as a building block in organic chemistry. It displays anesthetic properties and is an organosulfur compound and a one-carbon compound.

The structural formula for Carbon disulfide is as shown in the figure below.

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