CBSE Class 12 Commerce Date Sheet 2019

CBSE Class 12 Commerce Date Sheet 2019 has been released in a revised edition. The Central Board of Secondary Education has released the timetable for Commerce. This is an official announcement of the Commerce date sheet for class 12, 2019 from the CBSE. The exams would begin from the vocational subjects, which will later be followed by the core subjects. Hence, all the Commerce students can check their complete examination schedule below.

CBSE Class 12 Time table for Commerce:

The Central Board of Secondary Education is going to regulate the class 12 examinations from the 15th of February to 3rd of April. During the month of February, this educational board is going to regulate the exams for all the vocational subjects and in March examinations for all the core subjects would be held. Core subjects incorporate mandatory and common subjects for all the Commerce students.

CBSE exam dates for the class 12 board examinations 2019 are provided below:

Date and Day Subject
02 March, 2019


(001) English Elective- N

(101) English Elective- C

(301) English Core

06 March, 2019


(055) Accountancy
14 March, 2019


(054) Business Studies
18 March 2019


(041) Mathematics
27 March, 2019


(030) Economics
28 March, 2019


(065) Informatics Practice

(083) Computer Science


  • (001) English Elective – C: It is the course where the students obtain the books from CBSE and they are given 2 sorts of books chiefly Literature reader and Language skills book.
  • (101) English Elective – N: In English core or in English elective NCERT, that the students have 2 books principally their supplementary and reader.

Details on CBSE class 12 Date sheet Commerce Date Sheet:

The below content is to keep the students well aware of what the Commerce group comprises of.

  • Regulatory Board
  • Name of the Subject
  • Class
  • Date and Day
  • Examination timings
  • Important instructions

7 Important Instructions:

With the Class 12 date sheet for Commerce, 2019; this regulatory board has released a few vital instructions for the students to follow.

  • In the date sheet duration of the specific subject has been provided. So, it is recommended to the students to go through the time carefully.
  • The answer sheet must be circulated among the students from 10:00 to 10:15 am.
  • At the same time, the question paper will be given to the students at 10:15 am.
  • From 10:15 to 10:30 am students will be given 15 minutes to read the complete question paper.
  • At 10:30 am students will be permitted to write their answers.
  • Practical examinations for the regular subjects will be completed until February 15.
  • While the practical exams for individual candidates will be regulated before April 10. For the examination centre student should communicate with their respective school principal.

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