Important Questions for Organisation of Data

Important questions with answers for CBSE Class 11 Statistics Chapter 3 Organisation of Data are drafted by expert commerce teachers from the latest version of CBSE (NCERT) books.

CBSE Class 11 Statistics Chapter 3 Important Questions

Question 1

What is classification?


Classification means a division of classes on the basis of their diversity and similarity.

Question 2

Define variables.


A variable can be defined as a situation where its value keeps changing and is capable of being measured.

Question 3

Define individual series.


It is a series where items are singly listed. In this series, there are no classes or items.

Question 4

Explain discrete series.


In this series, data is presented in such a way that it shows the exact measurement of items.

Question 5

What do you mean by frequency distribution or frequency series?


It is a series that cannot have an exact measure. The items assume a range of values and are placed within the limit or range.

Question 6

What is frequency?


Frequency is the number of times an item occurs or is repeated.

Question 7

Define class limit.


The extreme value is the class limit. Every class has two limits: lower and upper limit.

Question 8

Explain the magnitude of a class interval.


The magnitude of a class interval is the upper and lower limit of the class.

Question 9

What is an exclusive series?


It is a series where every class interval removes items related to an upper limit.

Question 10

What is an inclusive series?


An inclusive series is a series that includes all the items until the upper limit.

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