Dinitrogen Trioxide Formula

Dinitrogen trioxide is a deep blue chemical compound with a chemical formula N2O3 that is formed upon mixing equal parts of nitrogen dioxide and nitric oxide and cooling the mixture below −21 °C. It is a powerful oxidizer that is highly toxic and corrosive. In this article, learn in detail about the dinitrogen trioxide formula along with its chemical structure and properties.

Dinitrogen Trioxide Properties

Properties of Dinitrogen Trioxide
Name Dinitrogen trioxide
Appearance Deep Blue tinted gas
Chemical Formula N2O3
Boiling Point 3.5 °C
Melting Point −100.7 °C
Density 1.4 g/cm³ (liquid)

1.783 g/cm3 (gas)

Molar mass 76.01 g/mol
Solubility in Water Soluble

Dinitrogen Trioxide Chemical Structure

Dinitrogen Trioxide Chemical Structure

Dinitrogen Trioxide Uses

Dinitrogen trioxide is used as a special purpose fuels due to its highly combustible nature. The chemical only supports combustion and doesn’t actually burn. It is more often used as an oxidizing agent in combination with other chemical compounds.

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