Iron(II) sulfate Formula

Iron(II) sulfate formula, also known as Ferrous Sulfate formula or Green vitriol formula is discussed in this article. It is a compound of sulfate and iron in where the ratio of iron to sulfate ion is 1:1. Some hydrates that occur naturally are monohydrate and tetrahydrate. The molecular or chemical formula of Iron (II) sulfate is FeSO4.

Iron(II) sulfate is a crystalline solid either greenish or yellow-brown in colour. It is dangerous to the environment and quick measures should be taken to stop it. It acts as a reducing agent. It is an iron molecule entity. It is widely used in water sewage treatment and as an ingredient in fertilizers.

Iron(II) sulfate Formula Structure

Iron(II) sulfate Formula

Properties Of Iron(II) sulfate Formula

Chemical formula of Iron(II) sulfate FeSO4
Molecular weight of Iron(II) sulfate 151.91 g/mol (anhydrous)
Density of Iron(II) sulfate 3.65 g/cm3 (anhydrous)
Appears as White crystal (anhydrous)
Melting point of Iron (II) sulfate 680 °C (anhydrous)

Iron (II) sulfate can cause irritation in the respiratory tract. In its pure or concentrated form, is extremely dangerous which can lead to diarrhoea. It can damage blood vessels and kill a person.

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