Punjab Board Class 7 Science Textbooks

Do you want to know “why our body cannot make food from carbon dioxide, water and minerals like plants do?” Or would you rather read about “Why the level of mercury should change at all when the bulb of the thermometer is brought in contact with other objects?”. Answer to all these questions and more lies in the Punjab Board Class 7 Science Textbooks, which have been designed based on the Punjab Board Class 7 Syllabus.

The textbook covers all the important concepts of science and explains them in an easy to understand manner. Some of the major topics that it consists includes, Nutrition in plants, heat, Soil, Electric current and its 14 effects, Light and so on.

Download PSEB Class 7 Science Textbooks

You can find the PDF links for the PSEB Textbooks for Class 7 Science in English, Hindi and Punjabi from the table below:

Punjab Board Class 7 Science Textbook Chapter Names in English

You can find the chapter names of PSEB Class 7 textbook in English from the table below:


Chapter 1 – Nutrition in Plants
Chapter 2 – Nutrition in Animals
Chapter 3 – Fibre to Fabric
Chapter 4 – Heat
Chapter 5 – Acids, Bases and Salts
Chapter 6 – Physical and Chemical Changes
Chapter 7 – Weather, Climate and Adaptations of Animals to Climate
Chapter 8 – Winds, Storms and Cyclones
Chapter 9 – Soil
Chapter 10 – Respiration in Organisms
Chapter 11 – Transportation in Animals and Plants
Chapter 12 – Reproduction in Plants
Chapter 13 – Motion and Time
Chapter 14 – Electric Current and its 14 Effects
Chapter 15 – Light
Chapter 16 – Water: A Precious Resource
Chapter 17 – Forests: Our Lifeline
Chapter 18 – Wastewater Story

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