Punjab Board Class 7 Social Science Syllabus

In this article, you will find the latest syllabus of Punjab Board Class 9 Social Science subject. Every student must go through the latest curriculum before they start preparing a subject. It will make the exam preparation easier, helping them to manage their time and study in an organised manner.

The syllabus is as per the latest pattern of Punjab School Education Board. The Punjab Board Class 7 syllabus of Social Science covers topics like Environment, Ocean, Natural Vegetation and Wildlife, etc. To know the exact details of the deleted portion and the latest reduced PSEB Class 7 Social Science Syllabus, do check out the PDF links given below:

Download PSEB Class 7 Social Science Syllabus 2021-22 PDF in Punjabi

Unit I – Geography – Our Environment
Chapter 1: Environment
Chapter 2: Internal and External face of the Earth
Chapter 3: The Changing Face of the Earth and Landforms
Chapter 4: Atmosphere and Temperature
Chapter 5: Atmospheric pressure and winds
Chapter 6: Ocean
Chapter 7: Natural Vegetation and Wild Life
Chapter 8: Human-Environment – Settlements, Means of Transport and Communication
Chapter 9: Inter-Relationship of Man and Environment
Unit-II – History – Our Pasts – II
Chapter 10: The Medieval India
Chapter 11: New Kings and Kingdoms (A.D. 700 – 1200)
Chapter 12: Political Developments in South India (A.O. 700 – 1200)
Chapter 13: The Delhi Sultanate
Chapter 14: The Creation of an Empire – The Mughal Empire
Chapter 15: Monumental Architecture
Chapter 16: Towns, Traders and Craftsman
Chapter 17: Social Changes – Mobile and settled Communities
Chapter 18: Religious Developments
Chapter 19: The Development of Regional Cultures
Chapter 20: India in the Eighteenth Century
Unit-III – Civics – Democracy and Equality
Chapter 21: Democracy and Equality
Chapter 22: Democracy – Representative Institutions
Chapter 23: State-Government
Chapter 24: Media and Democracy
Chapter 25: Gender – Inequality
Chapter 26: Role of Market/Bazaar


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