PSEB class 9- Science syllabus 2018-19

Most of the students study day and night before the examination. During the exam the moment they see the question paper he/she realise that they have left some topics while reading. This unfortunate situation is very common. The only way to overcome such incidence is studying as per the syllabus. Syllabus is a guideline for every subject. Especially when the subject is Science, following syllabus is unavoidable.

Class 9 under Punjab state board is prescribed by an autonomous body named Punjab School Education Board, famously known as PSEB. This governing body direct, organise and promote the school education in the state of Punjab. They conduct board examinations at various school levels. Advisory committee in PSEB consists of group of experienced experts in the area of science. They discuss and decide the syllabus for class 9.

Syllabus for class 9 under PSEB board consists of numerous chapters, each chapter including various activities and exercises to make the learning process interesting and engaging. Major areas covered are physics, life science, chemistry, biology etc. Syllabus is constantly revised and updated over time.

Click the link below to get PDF of PSEB class 9 science syllabus:

PSEB class 9 science syllabus

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