Punjab Board Class 9 Social Science Syllabus

Before starting with the exam preparation, students of Punjab Board Class 9 should go through the syllabus of each subject. The Punjab Board Class 9 syllabus of Social Science helps students to know the topics and concepts covered in the subject. While preparing the final question paper teachers refer to the syllabus, so it is imperative that students be thorough with the syllabus if they want to score good percentile in their exam. At the time of revision, the syllabus helps students in tracking a record of what topics they have studied and what still needs to be covered.

Punjab Board Class 9 Social Science syllabus comprises topics such as Climate, Population, The French Revolution, Russian Revolution, etc. It helps students to complete the entire textbook without leaving any topics.

Punjab Board Class 9 Social Science Syllabus

Geography Syllabus

Chapter 1(a): India: Size and Location

Chapter 1(b): Punjab: Size and Location

Chapter 2(a): India: Physiographic Units

Chapter 2(b): Punjab: Physical Features or Physiography

Chapter 3(a). India: Drainage

Chapter 3(b). Punjab: Drainage 

Chapter 4: Climate

Chapter 5: Natural Vegetation and Wild Life

Chapter 6: Population

Economics Syllabus

Chapter 1: Story of a Village

Chapter 2: Human Resources

Chapter 3: Poverty: Challenge Facing India

Chapter 4: Food Security in India

History and Civics Syllabus

Chapter 1: Punjab : Physical Features and its Impact

Chapter 2: Guru Nanak Dev Ji And His Contemporary Society

Chapter 3: Development Of Sikh Religion(1539-1581)

Chapter 4: Guru Arjan Dev Ji : Contribution In The Development Of Sikhism And His Martyrdom

Chapter 5: The French Revolution

Chapter 6: Russian Revolution

Chapter 7: Forest Society And Colonialism

Chapter 8: Social History Of Clothing

Chapter 9: History Development Expansion of the Modern Democracy

Chapter 10: Democracy, Meaning and Importance

Chapter 11: Establishment of Indian Democracy and its Nature

Chapter 12: India’s Parliamentary Democracy

Chapter 13: Democracy and Election-Politics

Chapter 14: Fundamental Rights of Citizens Under Constitution

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