Urethane Formula

Urethane formula, also named as Ethyl carbamate formula or Ethylurethane formula is discussed in this article. It is not a component of polyurethanes but an ester of carbamic acid. The molecular or chemical formula of Urethane is C3H7NO2.

Ethyl carbamate occurs as colourless crystal or white powder compound. It is odourless and tastes like saline. It is widely used as an antineoplastic agent, an intermediate during organic synthesis, and veterinary anaesthetic.

When Ethylurethane id heated to decompose it emits toxic nitrogen oxide fumes. It is used in the syntheses of amino resins. It is used to produce pesticides, pharmaceuticals, fumigants, and cosmetics.

Urethane Formula Structure


Properties Of Urethane Formula

Chemical formula of Urethane C3H7NO2
Molecular weight of Urethane 89.094 g/mol
Density of Urethane 1.056 g/cm3
Melting point of Urethane 46 to 50 °C
Boiling point of Urethane 182 to 185 °C

When exposed this compound it can damage your central nervous system and liver. It can also result in bone marrow suppression. It is anticipated to be a human carcinogen.

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