West Bengal Board Class 9 Maths Model Question Paper

Maths is a very interesting and challenging subject to learn. If you pay attention to the subject from earlier classes, it is possible to get a strong foundation in the subject. For this reason, most of you prepare ahead for maths exams and also consider class 9 as equally important as higher classes. Apart from exercises from the West Bengal Board textbooks and previous year papers, you can also solve the West Bengal Board Class 9 Maths Model Question Papers to get enough practice. This will also help you to do well in the exams and score high marks.

The sample papers are often created on the basis of West Bengal Board Class 9 Syllabus and consist of questions from important topics of the subject. It will follow the same format as the final exam papers, giving you an overview of the exam pattern and marking scheme. Practising the WBBSE Class 9 Maths Model Paper with Solutions will help the students to ace the exams.

Class 9 Maths Sample Paper contains about 43 questions, all of which are compulsory. There are some 14 questions in section A of 1 mark each, 13 questions of section B comprising of 2 marks each, 11 questions from section C with 3 marks each and the final 5 questions from section D carry 4 marks each.

Download West Bengal Board Maths Model Question Paper of Class 9

Here, we provide the PDF links for the sample paper and its solutions as well separately for you to go through.

West Bengal Board Class 9 Maths Model Question Paper
West Bengal Board Class 9 Maths Model Question Paper- Solutions

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