Bones of the Arm - Diagram and Features

A human arm is composed of three bones, namely — humerus, ulna and radius. The arm of the human body is a crucial part that provides movement along the shoulder, elbow, wrist and fingers, which is useful for day to day activities. Below is a well-labelled diagram of arm bones for your better understanding.

Arm Bones – Diagram


  • The humerus is the longest bone of the human arm that corresponds to the femur bone present in the legs.
  • It extends from the shoulder till the elbow.
  • It is composed of three main parts, the upper extremity, the body and the lower extremity.
  • The upper extremity has a hemispherical head, a narrow neck and two processes extending from it. It articulates with the scapula (shoulder bone) to provide movement across the shoulder.
  • The body is cylindrical overall and resembles a prism at the bottom.
  • The lower extremity has two smooth articular surfaces trochlea and capitulum, two depressions or fossae that make up the elbow joint and two epicondyles or projections.
  • The capitulum and trochlea articulate with radius and ulna, respectively.
  • The two depressions of the fossae receive projections from the ulna bone.
  • The epicondyles that are present on either side of the bones are the site of attachment of muscles of the forearm and fingers.

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Radius and Ulna

  • The humerus is present on the upper arm, while the radius and ulna are shorter bones that constitute the forearm.
  • Radius is situated towards the side of the thumb and ulna on the opposite side.
  • The ulna forms a true hinge joint with the elbow that provides extension and flexion movement. It also articulates with the wrist bones.
  • The radius is a bone that has a smooth concave surface and articulates with the capitulum or head of the humerus. It articulates with the ulna on the side surfaces.
  • The radius and ulna bones run parallel to each other. The ulna is longer than the radius but radius is thicker.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the bones of the arm?

Your arm is made up of 3 bones, the humerus – upper arm bone and the forearm bones ulna and radius.

What is the funny bone called?

The funny bone is a nerve called the ulnar nerve that emerges from the spine, runs through the neck and elbow to the fingers.