Biology Root Words For Ab-, Abs-

Latin Root: ἀπό- (apó-)

Meaning: Away from

Examples of Root Words Starting with Ab-, Abs-

  • Abscission

Abscission is the process of shedding parts of an organism, such as a plant shedding its fruits, flowers, seeds and leaves. In zoological context, abscission can also mean the shedding of a tail (autotomy) to evade predators.

  • Abaxial

It refers to a position away from the axis or the opposite side of the axis. It is used in botany to describe the various positions of the plant. Example: the abaxial surface of a leaf.

  • Ablation

In biology, ablation is the removal of a biological functionality or a structure – either an organ; or at the cellular level. Example: Gene ablation, organ ablation.

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