Biology Root Words For Macro

Greek/ Latin Root: μακρός (makros)

Meaning: Big/ Large

Examples of Root Words Starting with “Macro”

  • Macrophage (Phage = Eat)The word is derived from Greek, “makro” (meaning: large) and “phagein” (meaning: eat). A macrophage is a large, specialized cell of the immune system. These cells have the ability to recognize, engulf and destroy foreign pathogens.
  • MacromoleculeA macromolecule is a large complex molecule that consists of thousands of atoms. In biology, there are four major macromolecules important for life – they are carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and nucleic acids.
  • Macrocephaly (Cepha = Head)Macrocephaly is a condition where an individual possesses an overly large head. Clinically, it is defined as the circumference of the head more than two standard deviations above the mean value for a given gender and age group. It is usually a symptom of other underlying conditions.
  • Macrocytic (Cyte= Cell)Macrocytic is a term used to denote an abnormally large cell. The term is often used to describe blood cells; for example – macrocytic anaemia.
  • MacronucleusA macronucleus is a large type of nucleus usually found in organisms such as Paramecium. This cell organelle usually controls all the functions of the cell excluding reproduction.

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