Differentiate between the Cremaster Muscle and Dartos Muscle.

Cremaster Muscle

Dartos Muscle


It is a layer which covers the testes and spermatic cord.

It is found on the penile shaft, scrotum and foreskin.

Type of Muscle

Striated muscles

Smooth muscles


It is a paired net-like structure, present on both sides of the body covering the testes.

It forms a wall-like septum which divides the scrotum into two, housing one testis in each division.


The cremaster and dartos muscles work together to maintain the temperature of the testicles which is responsible for spermatogenesis. At lower temperatures, they raise the testicals closer to the body to retain heat, while at higher temperatures they relax the scrotum to promote heat loss.

It prevents injuries during sex, and moments of fear and flight.

It is also responsible for mobility, and blood supply to penile skin.

Presence in Females

It is present only between the ligament connecting the uterus to the labia majora.

It is less developed, and present beneath the labia majora.

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