Chromic Acid Formula

Chromic Acid is an oxidizing agent and is an excellent cleaning mixture for cleaning glass and is also used in the instrument repair industry, due to its ability to brighten raw brass. It is used as an intermediate agent in plating, in the production of ceramic glazes, etching of plastic parts prior to metalizing and in manufacturing colored glass.

Properties Of Chromic Acid

Chemical formula CrO3 or H2CrO4 or CrH2O4

Molecular weight

118.008 g/mol


1.201 g cm−3

Melting Point 

197 °C

Boiling Point


Acidity (pKa)

-0.8 to 1.6

Conjugated base  

Chromate and dichromate

Chromic Acid Structural Formula

The structural formula of Chromic Acid is shown in the figure below

Chromic Acid Formula

Chromic ACid features chromium in an oxidation state of +6 (or VI). chromic acid splits as

H2CrO4 ⇌ [HCrO4] + H+

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