Perimeter of Rectangle

Perimeter of Rectangle could be considered as one of the characteristics or properties of the rectangle. In Maths, you will come across many geometric shapes and sizes, which has an area, perimeter and even volume(for 3-d figures). You will also learn the formulas for all those parameters. Some of the examples of different shapes are circle, square, polygon, quadrilateral, etc. In this article, we will study the key feature of the rectangle, i.e. perimeter.

Perimeter basically gives the length of the figure. Suppose for a square, which has all its sides as equal, the perimeter of the square will be four times of its sides. In case of a circle, the perimeter is termed as circumference, which is calculated based on its radius. Before we find out the perimeter of a given rectangle, let us learn first, what a rectangle is.

Rectangle Definition

A Rectangle is a quadrilateral which has four sides, having all the internal angles to be right-angled (90°). It has length and width, which are unequal to each other. The opposite sides are equal in length and parallel to each other, unlike the square, which has all its sides equal.


Perimeter of a Rectangle Formula

Now as we have already discussed about rectangle and its properties, let us derive the formula for its perimeter and area.

Suppose a rectangle has length and width as b and a respectively.

Perimeter of rectangle formula

From the definition of the perimeter we know,

The perimeter of a rectangle = sum of all its sides

= a+b+a+b


Therefore, the Perimeter of a rectangle = 2(length + width) square unit

Now let us write the formula for the area of a rectangle, with respect to same above given figure;

Area of a rectangle = Length × Width = a × b

Example of Perimeter of Rectangle

Question: Find the perimeter of a rectangle whose length and width is 5 cm and 10 cm, respectively?

Solution: Given:

Length = 5 cm and Width = 10cm

We know,

The perimeter of a rectangle = 2(length + width)

Substitute the value of length and width here,

Perimeter, P = 5 × 10 cm

P = 50 cm

Therefore, the perimeter of a rectangle = 50 cm

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