Area & Perimeter Of Square

What is the area of a Square ?

The Formula for Area of a square is given by,

Area = width × height

But since the width and height are by definition the same, the formula is usually written as

Area = s²

where s is the length of one side.

In strictly correct mathematical wording the formula above should be spoken as “s raised to the power of 2,” meaning ‘s’ is multiplied by itself. But it usually said to be “s squared.” This terminology comes from the square. The length of a line ‘s’ is multiplied by itself, creates the square of side ‘s’. Hence “s squared”.

Area Of Square

Perimeter of square

What is the perimeter of a square?

Perimeter of square is defined as the length of the boundary of a square

The Formula for Perimeter of a square is given by,

Perimeter = length of 4 sides

= side+side+side+side

= 4 x side

Perimeter of Square

What is the surface area of a square?

People sometimes confuse the area of a square with the surface area. The surface area is however for three – dimensional figures such as a cube where there is more than one surface are involved and not for the planar shapes such as a square having only a single surface.

Thus, in order to calculate the surface area of the square one must follow the same method as to compute the area of the square.

The concept of area and surface area is well- explained in the videos: Byju’s area of shapes and the Byju’s surface area of shapes for 7th class mathematics. Following are the links for the same:

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