Perimeter of Square

What is Square?

A square is a quadrilateral in which it has 4 equal sides and all the interior angles of a square are right angles. It is a closed two-dimensional plane figure. In this article, we will discuss the area of a square and perimeter of square in detail.

Area of Square

The area of a square is defined as the space occupied by the two-dimensional figure called square and the area of the square formula is given as

Area = width × height

But since the width and height are the same, the formula is usually written as

Area of a Square = Side × side = side² square units

where s is the length of one side.

Area Of Square

Perimeter of square Formula

The perimeter of square is defined as the length of the boundary of a square

The Perimeter of square formula is given by,

Perimeter = length of 4 sides

= side+side+side+side

= 4 × side

Therefore, the perimeter of Square = 4s units

Perimeter of Square

Does Square have Surface Area?

People sometimes confuse the area of a square with the surface area. The surface area is however for three – dimensional figures such as a cube where there is more than one surface are involved and not for the planar shapes such as a square having only a single surface.

Thus, in order to calculate the surface area of the square one must follow the same method as to compute the area of the square.

Solved Problem

Question: Find the perimeter of square whose side is 5 cm?



Side, s = 5 cm

The formula to find the perimeter of square is given by

The perimeter of  Square = 4s units

Substitute the value of ‘s’ in the perimeter formula,

P= 4 × 5 cm

p = 20 cm

Therefore, the perimeter of square = 20 cm

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