Maths Project - Why Is It Important To Include In School Curriculum?

There is an old saying that goes like this:

“Tell me and I will forget, Show me and I may remember, involve me and I will understand.”

Said by the Chinese philosopher, Confucius

Today’s generation demands an interactive learning model that will engage them and make them learn the facts in an easy way. Earlier, the basic tool used by schools for imparting education was:
– Reading
– Writing
– Taking tests and
– Repeat.

This no longer is fundamental to teach the students in the 21st century. This is why CBSE board have welcomed the project based training and learning program for the students. Including Maths project in the CBSE and ICSE curriculum have helped millions of students in their career endeavor. Including Maths Project in the upper primary stage helps students in visualizing the basic concepts, theorems, principles and the underlying process involved in solving them.
Mathematics is a word that is feared by most of the students in their early grade.

The early graders usually fear the word “Mathematics”. In real, maths is a subject full of logic and proofs. Following are the advantages of Maths projects in schools:

    • While rote learning is not recommended to solve the maths problems, it is recommended to the teachers and board to impart maths education in a more rational and challenging through project works.
    • It has been seen that rote learning is not effective for long-term retention. Maths related project work not only helps in improving the problem-solving capability but also will be able to learn it in a fulfilling way for their lifetime.
    • Maths projects help the students to improve the planning and critical thinking ability of the student as they employ “habit of thinking and mind skills”.
      Including Maths projects in the curriculum will also help improve reasoning skills of the student.

maths project

  • It is mandatory for the students to present what they have created for their projects in front of the class. This, in turn, helps the students to improve their communication and presentations skills, that will go a long way in their professional career.

Keeping in mind all these advantages for the Maths project will help in creating a memorable learning experience for the students.

CBSE has included maths project in their formative and summative classes and the percentage of marks allotted to the projects varies from 10%- 15%. The project can in the form of high of thinking skills questions or case studies based. Sometimes the class teacher also accesses the students on the basis of an open book assessment test.

The advantages underpin the approach to access their students on the basis of maths projects and out-of-school learning. This helps students in making real life decisions and acquire mathematical knowledge in a more holistic way that will help it in their career and professional life as well.

Byju’s approach to making the students learn through interactive sessions and videos makes it possible for students to learn in an interactive way. We, at Byju’s, delve in continuous research and development to formulate a better way of learning right from the beginning of the early careers of students. Byju’s topics are covered in a way so that the students could pick any topic in the videos and learn in an adaptable way. We employ the tricks to the student’s mind that will compel the students to answer their own doubts. No wonder, Byju’s is the best to instill love for learning Mathematics at early age of the students.

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