My Best Friend Essay For Class 2

Every person in the world needs a friend to share his/her joys and sorrows with. Our world would become boring if we didn’t have anybody to talk to or share our life, laughter and grief with. A friend is one person who is our biggest support system. Our best friend is the person whom we call up at any time, and he/she knows how to help and support us if there is a problem.

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My Best Friend Essay For Class 2

Essay on My Best Friend for Class 2

  • Everyone has a best friend and my best friend’s name is Kshitij Singh.
  • He studies in Class 2 at the same school and section as mine.
  • He is a smart student who is liked by everyone in my class.
  • He is a very bright student and always does his homework on time.
  • We study and sit in the class on the same bench side by side.
  • He helps me in my studies whenever I need guidance.
  • During break time, we share our tiffin and play games together.
  • We have a few things in common, like we wash our hands before and after having food every day.
  • We are fond of listening to music and love watching cartoons, Tom and Jerry, after school.
  • Our favourite colour is blue and we both love eating ice cream and potato chips.
  • I always pray that we remain best friends forever and God keep us safe always.


My best friend’s essay for Class 2 is a topic of interest for every second-grader. A young kid who goes to school would definitely have a best friend at school about whom he/she would love to discuss and write a best friend essay for class 2. Here we bring you “my best friend paragraph for class 2”, which is broken down into 10 lines that young kids can refer to while drafting an English essay on a similar topic.

A Short Essay on My Best Friend for Class 2

My best friend is my neighbour and we both study in the same class. I am blessed to have one of the sweetest and most sincere friends since my childhood. I wish our friendship would last forever because it’s hard to make real friends. When I need help and support, my best friend is there for me. We live in the moment and create memories that will stay with me forever.

I love her and want to be a good companion to her. We can sit and talk for hours. I would never go to play without her. My best friend is my first friend, the one who offers me help in my studies, shows me love and support, defends me and stands by me.

We hope the above sample, “My best friend essay for class 2”, would help young kids to express their thoughts and views about their friend and write an essay on my friend for Class 2 in simple ways. In order to explore more essay topics, you can download our kids learning app – Disney BYJU’S Early Learn and learn more.

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