About Myself Essay for Class 2


It is always easier to describe others as we tend to notice them more than we observe ourselves. However, more than knowing others, it’s important to be self-aware. Here, we are going to discuss About Myself Essay for Class 2 kids.

When we are aware of ourselves, we can identify our strengths and weaknesses better. We respect ourselves as individuals. We would know and work on our areas of improvements. Being self-aware can even boost the confidence and productivity of an individual.

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Myself Essay for Class 2

Myself Essay for Class 2

  • My name is Vedant Shukla.
  • I am 7 years old and I study in Class 2.
  • I study in Delhi Public School, Mumbai.
  • My father’s name is Sanjiv Shukla and my mother’s name is Nivedita Shukla.
  • My father owns a business and my mother is a teacher.
  • I have a younger sister. She is very sweet.
  • I like playing cricket and hide-and-seek.
  • I enjoy painting and reading storybooks.
  • I love watching cartoons and playing video games.
  • I am a very obedient and sincere boy.

A Short Essay on Myself for Class 2

My name is Ankita and I am studying at VM School, Bangalore. I am from Bangalore and we are a family of six members including our pet dog, Millie. I have an elder brother and he too studies in my school. My grandfather stays with us and he helps me complete my homework and tells me interesting stories about his young days. My parents are supportive and help us participate in cultural and sports activities. I love playing Kho Kho. My brother and I have a lot of friends in our neighbourhood. Once I am back from school, I indulge in healthy snacks and go out to play with my friends.

I also like rabbits and our neighbour’s pet is a rabbit. Every Sunday I visit their house with my grandfather and spend time playing with the rabbit. I am helpful to the needy and have learned good manners. My parents and teachers have taught me to be kind and polite with everyone. Also, our grandfather teaches the value of inculcating morals to my brother and me nd encourages us to be honest and truthful. This is an Essay on Myself for Class 2.

Every human being on earth is unique. Not only in terms of appearance but also with respect to inherent characteristics. People think, work, talk, act, interpret, etc. in numerous ways.

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