Class 12 Commerce


  • CBSE Class 12 Exam is the most crucial point in the life of a school student.
  • For Commerce students, the result of Class 12 is a deciding factor of their career path.


  • Good preparation and finding right Commerce Coaching for class 12 exams has always been a challenge for Commerce students.
  • Class 12 Exam differs from the exams given by them during early school life in the sense that these are board exams and they have to give the exam in a school other than the school they study in.


  • Coaching always plays an important role in Commerce stream students to prepare well for the exams.
  • It gives a completely different perspective to students regarding the preparation level for CBSE Exams.


Though multiple coaching centre can be found at every nook and corner in India who provide commerce coaching while choosing a coaching centre we should check a lot of factors like

  • Right Teaching Experience
    • Experience can never be counted in years as people also have experience of teaching wrong concepts.
    • That is why we have used the term ‘Right Experience’.
    • Choosing those teachers who have experience of teaching Correct Concepts in an easy and interesting manner is the key here.
  • Proper Notes
    • Properly compiled notes are very important for any student who has to give the exam.
  • Notes covering,
      • complete syllabus topic-wise,
      • having an easy language to learn and remember,
      • Flow charts and diagrams or tabular representation for difficult concepts,
      • having a lot of solved and unsolved questions,
      • Quick Revision material,
      • Important points to ponder,
    • Containing do’s and don’ts for the exam, etc.should be there, then only a coaching centre does justice with students.
  • Regular Tests & Feedback
    • It is not enough if we conduct weekly or monthly tests of students or full chapter/unit/syllabus tests.
    • It is important that the level of knowledge should be tested immediately after a concept is taught.
    • There should be some mechanism that after completing even a single topic, a small test should be conducted which gives students a complete picture of what they understood and what not. There are new technologies which should be used for this purpose.
    • It may happen that a student was not mentally present in a class when a concept was taught and he missed a concept, but a test conducted immediately after that would be an alarm to bring his attention back.
    • This will bring his interest and attention back on the topic and will focus more on the study.
    • After that, feedback should be given to the student as well as a report should be shared with parents so that complete track of progress is maintained.
  • Doubt solving sessions
    • Firstly, if proper teaching methodologies and techniques have been used, students should not have any doubt, but if doubts or queries arise, then regular doubt solving sessions must be conducted.
    • Lots of new technologies are coming up, which should be used for doubt solving sessions.


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