Punjab Board Class 7 Maths Textbooks 2021-22

Maths can be a complex subject to learn and understand. Students who find it easy from earlier classes will get a proper foundation in Mathematics. This will help them to learn the subject more easily in higher classes. Hence, class 7 Maths is important and students should be thorough with the subject. Punjab Board Class 7 Maths Textbooks is designed with this in mind and aims to attract Class 7 children to the subject. The textbook covers all the concepts that needs to be taught in class, as per the PSEB Syllabus.

PSEB Class 7 Maths Book 2021-22

We have seen how the product of two negative integers form a positive integer. But, how about the product of 3 negative integers? Or 4 negative integers? Students can find the answer to these questions and more in the class 7 books for Maths. Students can master all the concepts of the subject by understanding the topics discussed in the PSEB Class 7 Maths textbook.

Students can access the PDF links for PSEB Class 7 Maths books in English, Hindi and Punjabi from here. Find the chapter names of Class 7 Maths from the table below:

Download Punjab Board Books for Class 7 Maths

Punjab Board Class 7 Book for Maths 2021-22 PDF in English
Punjab Board Class 7 Book for Maths 2021-22 PDF in Hindi
Punjab Board Class 7 Book for Maths 2021-22 PDF  in Punjabi

PSEB Book for Class 7 Maths Chapters in English

Chapter 1- Integers
Chapter 2- Fractions and Decimals
Chapter 3- Data Handling
Chapter 4- Simple Equations
Chapter 5-Lines and Angles
Chapter 6- The Triangle and Its Properties
Chapter 7- Congruence of Triangles
Chapter 8- Comparing Quantities
Chapter 9- Rational Numbers
Chapter 10- Practical Geometry
Chapter 11- Perimeter and Area
Chapter 12- Algebraic Expression
Chapter 13-Exponents and Power
Chapter 14- Symmetry
Chapter 15-Visualising Solid Shape

Students can also download previous year question papers and other PSEB Textbooks to prepare for the exams from BYJU’S.


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  1. You can download the punjab board class 7 maths in English, Hindi and Punjabi from https://byjus.com/pseb/class-7-maths-book-pdf/