Difference between Pedicel and Peduncle

Angiosperms are flowering plants that consist of inflorescence, simple flowers and also composite flowers. A simple flower has one pedicel that carries a single flower. Whereas an inflorescence has a peduncle or main stalk which holds several pedicels, each with a single flower.


The pedicel is a stalk or stem that supports a single flower. It connects the single flower to the inflorescence. It is usually seen in pedicellate flowers (e.g., Rose). The flowers without pedicels are called sessile flowers (e.g., Sunflower). Here, the flower arises directly from the stem.


The peduncle is the main stalk that supports a solitary flower or an inflorescence. Later, it also supports the fruit. This main stalk or stem arises from the main stem and holds several pedicels. The peduncle can sometimes have bracts or leaf modifications at its nodes.

Difference between Pedicel and Peduncle

Pedicel and Peduncle



It is a stalk-like structure that supports a single flower. It is the main stalk that supports the entire inflorescence.
One inflorescence can have several pedicels. One inflorescence can have only one peduncle.
In umbel inflorescence, there are a number of short pedicels of equal length. In umbel inflorescence, the peduncle is a much reduced structure that carries pedicels.
They are green coloured stalks that are unbranched. They have branched structures. Sometimes they can also be unbranched.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is an inflorescence?

A cluster of flowers arranged on a stalk is called an inflorescence. It is also seen as a shoot modification where flowers grow. The main stalk holding the whole inflorescence together is the peduncle. Each flower of an inflorescence is supported by a pedicel.


What is a rachis?

The rachis is the main stem that bears the inflorescence. It is found above the peduncle. The flowers are actually present on the rachis.


What is umbel inflorescence?

It is a type of inflorescence that looks like an umbrella. It has numerous short pedicels to hold the flowers. Also, the peduncle is much reduced. This is seen in plants like fennel, carrot, etc.

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