Difference between Stipules and Bracts

Stipules and bracts are leaf-like modified structures found in plants. Let us look at their differences.




Stipules are modified paired structures borne at the base of leaves.

Bracts are modified structures borne at the base of the inflorescence.


They usually take up the colour of the leaves.

They are brightly coloured like the petals.


Stipules are known to protect the bud or the next leaf which is about to grow.

They attract the pollinators.


They can appear as glands, scales, hair or spines.

They can be small or large, with different shapes and colours.

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What is the difference between bract and bracteole?

A bract is a small leaf life structure at the base of inflorescence, whereas a bracteole is a smaller bract found between the bract and the flower.

Are axillary buds and stipules the same?

No, stipule is a leaf-like structure present at the base of the leaf, whereas an axillary bud is a protuberance between the stem and leaf petiole.

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