Difference between Vein Clearing and Vein Banding

Vein Clearing

This symptom is characterised by the loss of green colouration in plants. Here, the veins become unnaturally translucent. In certain plants like tobacco, vein clearing can eventually lead to vein banding.

Grapevine Vein Clearing

The GVCV (Grapevine vein clearing virus) is one of the newly discovered DNA viruses that infests the vineyards. It creates translucent clearing along the veins. Also, they can lead to mosaic patterns in mature plants. This virus eventually reduces the vigour of the vine.

Vein Banding

It is a symptom seen in plants infected with certain viral diseases. Here, dark or light bands appear along the main veins. This might look similar to the yellow mosaic disease.

Strawberry Vein Banding

The SVBV (Strawberry Vein Banding Virus) affects the strawberry plants and creates yellow banding along the veins. The banding is inconsistent and seen along both primary and secondary veins. The symptom spreads even to the new leaves.

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Difference between Vein Clearing and Vein Banding

Vein Clearing

Vein Banding

It results in translucent veins.

It results in coloured bands along the veins.

It is a symptom of GVCV and the Bhendi yellow vein mosaic virus (BYVMV) disease.

It is the symptom of SVBV and BCTV (beat curly top virus) infections.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is BYVMV?

Bhendi yellow mosaic virus affects the ladies’ finger plant. This single-stranded DNA virus is transmitted by whitefly. Also, the BYMV is the major limiting factor for the production of ladies’ fingers or okra in India and Sri Lanka.


What is necrosis?

Necrosis (plant cell death) is a symptom that arises in plants due to distress. The distress can be any injury, external climatic factors or even viral diseases. This cell death can happen in any part of the plant. Necrosis in leaves is commonly seen as spots, stripes, or streaks.


What is a mosaic virus?

Any virus that creates a mottled appearance on the plant foliage is called a mosaic virus. They can be from unrelated lineages. Examples – Cytorhabdovirus, Ophiovirus, Comovirus and Emavirus are a few mosaic viruses.


What is a plant canker?

Canker is a tiny spot of dead tissue which eventually grows in size if unnoticed. Most cankers have an economical effect. A wide variety of organisms cause this canker disease. For example, Apple canker and Poplar canker are caused by fungus. Whereas Citrus canker is caused by a bacterium.

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