Difference Between XX and XY Chromosomes

XX and XY are sex chromosomes found in humans and a number of insects. They show XY type of sex determination. Let us look at their differences.

XX Chromosomes

XY Chromosomes


These are sex chromosmes found in females, such as humans and Drosophila.

These are sex chromosmes found in males


They show homogamety.

They show heterogamety.

Sex Determination

It is not responsible for sex determination.

It is responsible for sex determination of the offspring.


One copy of the X chromosome inactivation is seen in the embryo.

Since it has only one copy of the X chromosome, it does not show inactivation.

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What is the difference between XX and XY in humans?

The XX chromosomes are seen in women and XY chromosomes are seen in men.

What is the gender of XYY?

A human with XYY is a male with Jacob’s syndrome. They live a normal life like an XX or XY individual.

Can an XY female get pregnant?

No, an XY female cannot get pregnant because she doesn’t have a uterus.

Can XXY have babies?

An XXY male can have babies, but it is usually difficult because they have a low sperm count.

Can a boy be born with XX chromosomes?

Yes, it is a very rare condition called de la Chapelle syndrome.

Can you be a girl with a XY chromosome?

Swyer syndrome shows humans with normal female genitalia development, but the ovaries are non functional.

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