Causes of Waste Management - Explore Why Waste Management Is Important

Causes of waste management are important to understand from an academic perspective. If not for efficient waste management, the streets would be littered with filth, and lakes and rivers would become very toxic for life. Human health would be severely affected if careful waste management practices did not exist. Therefore, the major causes of waste management practices come into play after environmental disasters, especially oil spills. The primary purpose of waste management is to ensure that proper actions and activities are undertaken from the initial creation to final disposal. Ignorance of the environment’s plight significantly contributed to the creation of waste management principles.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Causes of Waste Management


What is the need for waste management practices?

Waste management practices are required to prevent air, water, and soil pollution. It is also needed to protect the health and hygiene of humans, plants, and animals. Proper waste management does not allow the spread of various diseases.

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