Difference between Male and Female Bones

Bones are hard and rigid structures of the skeletal system that provide structural support to our bodies, protect the soft organs and tissues, and act as a reservoir for calcium and phosphate circulation in the body.

However, bone mass, density, structure and length differ in a male and female body. Female bones are lighter, and their pelvic cavities are broader to support childbirth, whereas male bones are heavier and sturdier.

Let us look at more such differences between male and female bones in the table below.

Male Bones

Female Bones

Pelvic Bones

The pelvic bones in males are narrow, and the cavity is heart-shaped.

The pelvic bones in the females are broader, and the cavity is oval-shaped to support childbirth.

Bone Density

Bone density is higher.

Bone density is lower.

General Characteristics

The bones are tall and heavy.

The bones are short and light.

Rib cage is longer.

Rib cage is shorter.

The torso in males is shorter as compared to females.

Females have a longer torso to accommodate the reproductive organs.

Loss of Bone Density

Males tend to maintain their bone density till the mid 40s.

The women start to lose their bone density by mid to late 30s of their age.

Incidence of Diseases

Males are less prone to bone diseases.

Females are more prone to bone diseases such as osteoarthritis and osteopenia.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Do male and females have the same bone?

Yes, both males and females have the same bones. They differ in structure and density.


How are male and female bones different?

The male bones are heavier, stronger and bigger than the female bones.


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